The Art of General Practice

Soft skills to survive and thrive

By David Bartlett

Apr 2018 , 126 pp
ISBN 9781911510192
Price: £14.99, $32.99
Aug 2018 , 126 pp
ISBN 9781911510277
Price: £12.59, $23.09

From reviews:

"This little book is well written and has a pleasant, informal style… The first part of the book covers what [the author] calls the soft skills, but what could be called the social skills required to make the consultation work most successfully… This section might be ideal for a trainer with a trainee facing clinical skills assessment.
… The second part of the book tries to encourage and enable the career GP to look after themselves. Again, well written, it is full of useful advice…. To sum up, a short book from which every GP might learn something." Br J Gen Pract, February 2019

“At times nostalgic, but frequently emotional and so positive, this book is an easy-access antidote to the calls for ‘resilience’ and the anti-patient rhetoric that seems to appear all too commonly on social media, and is a well-timed reminder of why we do the job we do and how to do it effectively.” Pulse, June 2018

The Art of General Practice is a short text written by an experienced GP and GP trainer. It is a book which will help focus the mind of the reader (GPs of all descriptions: young GPs, returners to general practice and even jaded GPs) on what it means to be a GP. Too often general practice focuses on guidelines, ever-changing targets, incentives or the academic side of medicine and the art and craft of being a GP is forgotten.

The book aims to redress the balance; it helps the reader refocus on the emotional intelligence needed to be a great GP. The book consists of a number of short chapters so the busy GP can dip in and out of it as time allows – each chapter helps the reader re-centre on the core skills and techniques needed to be a great GP, and the benefits these skills will bring to both GPs and patients alike.

There is almost no medicine in this book; it is a book of life experiences, anecdotes and suggestions – all aimed to help you survive the increasing pressures of general practice and make your life as a GP more interesting and less stressful.
1.     Greeting the patient
2.     More greetings
3.     Routines
4.     One consultation. one problem
5.     Don’t say that!
6.     Only the lonely
7.     I second that emotion
8.     Seeing the world through the patient's eyes
9.     “Take (extra) care”
10.  Second opinions
11.  Silence and small talk
12.  Shared grief
13.  Dying to help
14.  It's all a game of chess
15.  The return of vinyl
16.  The best form of defence
17.  The best form of defence, part 2

18.  Finding the sweet spot
19.  “I try to look after myself so I can look after you”
20.  I’m curious to know if you're curious
21.  Yes but…..
22.  Get off the bus
23.  Timing is everything
24.  Go off-piste
25.  Good connections
26.  Tools in the toolbox
Price: £14.99, $32.99

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Price: £12.59, $23.09

ISBNs: 9781911510192 978-1-911510-19-2 Title: the art of general practice ISBNs: 9781911510277 978-1-911510-27-7 Title: the art of general practice