Understanding Wellbeing

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ISBN 9781908625007

Understanding Wellbeing

An Introduction for Students and Practitioners

Anneyce Knight; Allan McNaught


Understanding Wellbeing is an accessible introduction to the concept of wellbeing and its relevance to areas of health and social policy. Each chapter considers an aspect of wellbeing with an emphasis on conceptual clarity and the importance of reflective practice in this field. The book includes case studies, activities and reflection points to engage the reader with both the theory and its practical application.

The book provides an overview of the concept of wellbeing and its relationship with and role in health, including:
•Psychological aspects of wellbeing — mind/body influences, psychology, spirituality
•Physical aspects of wellbeing — food, exercise, genetics, health promotion
•Social approaches to wellbeing — social policy, culture, environment, housing, education, information

Understanding Wellbeing provides students, professionals and practitioners of health and social care with the essential resources for understanding and promoting wellbeing.

The Editors:
Anneyce Knight is Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich
Allan McNaught is Principal Lecturer at the University of Greenwich.
The authors are a multi-professional group of health academics with considerable national and international experience across the statutory and non-statutory sectors.


Part 1: Overview
1 Defining Wellbeing
Allan McNaught
2 Wellbeing and Health
Stella Jones-Devitt
3 Ethics and Wellbeing
Nevin Mehmet
4 Monitoring and Evaluating Wellbeing Projects
Carlos Moreno-Leguizamon and Clarence Spigner

Part 2: Psychological Aspects of Wellbeing
5 Psychoneuroimmunology and Wellbeing
Christine Stacey
6 Psychological Aspects of Wellbeing
Ben Bruneau
7 Spirituality and Wellbeing
Anneyce Knight and Qaisra Khan

Part 3: Physical Aspects of Wellbeing
8 Food and Wellbeing
Stuart Spear
9 Exercise and Wellbeing
Alfonso Jimenez, Silvano Zanuso and Mark Goss-Sampson
10 The Genetics and Genomics of Wellbeing
Harry Chummun
11 Promoting Wellbeing in Long-term Conditions
Silvano Zanuso and Alfonso Jimenez

Part 4: Social Approaches to Wellbeing
12 Social Policy and Wellbeing
Allan McNaught and Simten Malhan
13 Public Health, Wellbeing and Culture: A Critical Perspective
Clarence Spigner and Carlos Moreno-Leguizamon
14 Environment and Wellbeing
Veronica Habgood
15 Housing, the Built Environment and Wellbeing
Jill Stewart and Fiona Bushell
16 Education and Wellbeing
Bill Goddard
17 Wellbeing and the Workplace
Kate Beaven-Marks, Anneyce Knight and Bill Goddard
18 Information for Wellbeing
Anne Gill
Anneyce Knight and Allan McNaught