About Scion

Scion was formed in September 2003 with the aim of producing innovative books for the life, medical and biomedical sciences.

Our aim is to provide a personal service to our authors, editors, customers and publishing partners. More than a decade later, we are still small and personal but we are publishing some great books. 

In the days of huge, faceless, publishing giants, we feel we can offer something different whilst still producing excellent books. 

Our books are designed to save you time and improve:

  • your chances of passing an exam
  • your understanding of complex subjects

In the sciences, Scion publishes:

  • concise textbooks for undergraduate students
  • revision guides for undergraduate students

In medicine, Scion publishes:

  • the best-selling MRCGP revision guides
  • practical handbooks for GPs, trainees and their trainers
  • inspiring, full-colour textbooks for medical students

Scion publishes books that people need to buy!